TrustM2M Allows You to Create an online "Community" for Your Church, School, or Group. Every group has a Free Business Directory, Advertising, Classifieds, Auctions, Biz review and ratings, and Much More! Be the First to start a Community for your Group, School, or Church. Then grow your group, Support your Group, and prosper together!!

TrustM2M has tools to make your "Community" family stronger and more connected

Check out all you can do on our community website:

  • Create and/or join an online group of people you want to support – like your church, school, team or other organization.
  • Sell your stuff or advertise your services in a safe and personalized manner.
  • Advertise your business for free or, for a small fee, include a link directly to your website.
  • Find the products and services you need – all recommended by people you know and trust.
  • Refer others in your community to businesses you know to be reliable.
  • Share your needs in your own M2M community where trusted members can help one other.
  • Leave one community and join another or be a member of multiple communities – your profile and your history stay with you – no need to start over.
  • Best of all, no scam artists because access to the M2M community is limited to those approved by its members. Without anonymity, scammers cannot succeed.

Join now and create your own M2M community today!