Join TrustM2M today and start enjoying social media as it was originally envisioned to be. TrustM2m is about connecting with your friends and family in a secure and private social media that doesn’t sell your information and give away your privacy. TrustM2M stands for “Trust Member to Member” with Trust being at the core of our mission. TrustM2M is free, customizable, and offers many useful functions and features. Give us a try. 😊 Invite your friends and family to join you.

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    Posted by Brian Pine
     I went hunting last week in a quiet little corner of Oregon and just allowed myself to forget the noise, distractions, and BS of the world for a...
    Posted by Brian Pine
    What is Trust member 2 member all about?  I asked myself this question almost from day one.  In it's simplest's about sharing in...
    Posted by Brian Pine
    TrustM2M has several main features that are paramount in helping our members be successful.  The Readers Digest version is this.  Free Adver...
    Posted by Brian Pine
    As I grow older (and wiser?) it occurs to me more and more that life is constantly slipping away.  Days turn into weeks.  Weeks roll over in...

Join TrustM2M if you want your privacy BACK! We will never sell you. That's a promise.

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  • Create and/or join an online group of people you want to support – like your church, school, team or other organization.
  • Sell your stuff or advertise your services in a safe and personalized manner.
  • Advertise your business for free or, for a small fee, include a link directly to your website.
  • Find the products and services you need – all recommended by people you know and trust.
  • Refer others in your community to businesses you know to be reliable.
  • Share your needs in your own M2M community where trusted members can help one other.
  • Leave one community and join another or be a member of multiple communities – your profile and your history stay with you – no need to start over.
  • Best of all, no "scammers" because access to the M2M community is limited to those approved by its members. Without anonymity, scammers cannot succeed.

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