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Time out.

  •  I went hunting last week in a quiet little corner of Oregon and just allowed myself to forget the noise, distractions, and BS of the world for a short while. Surrounded by God’s love, the extreme beauty of Eastern Oregon Blue Mountains, wildlife, and most of all close friends, it was all too easy to just forget and leave the world behind.  With the absence of cell phones, computers, news overload, and now the constant clatter of meaningless BS political rhetoric I was able to clear my mind and refresh.  I wish I were a better writer so I could more fully describe the feeling of letting go and how re-energized it made me.  It really doesn't matter too much though, since we have all experienced this wonderful type of refreshment at different times in our own lives.  The only reason I am even mentioning it here is as a reminder to those of you who have not refreshed yourselves for a while.  With the Holidays ramping up quickly it might be a good time for that quick trip to your own refreshing place.  I need not mention we are living in difficult times right now.  So, think about it.  A quite little beach house with no TV or computer might be just the ticket for getting you some much needed rejuvenation! 


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